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Droid Coin is a BEP20 compliant cryptocurrency for powering the Mobile Apps of Droid Project.

At DROID, we believe that technology and design should seamlessly coexist. We envisioned a society where people only need their mobile phone to process their day to day transactions. DROID is aimed at creating decentralized mobile applications that will connect the mobile phone users and app developers to the world.

With the goal of creating a DeFi App that is readily available to users worldwide, DROID has worked towards its mission to make each of our lives simple, efficient, stress-free and profitable. We want to live in a world where technology and design are seamlessly intertwined, bringing together a unique user experience, and strive to reach this goal everyday — working harder to be at the pinnacle of the DeFi App industry. We’ve witnessed first hand how technology and design work together to improve people’s lives, and believe that this winning combination has the power to revolutionize the way we live our lives.

Tokenization enhances data security. Because the token is practically unreadable by anyone except for the payment processor, you ensure both external and internal protection, including employees or other people connected to your business.

One of the biggest benefits of tokenization technology is that it can quickly and easily be applied to a wide range of security applications. Tokens may represent customer credit card information, but it can also represent any of the following too: sensitive employee records, medical records, email and address information, and passwords.

DROID COIN ($DRDC) is a BSC token on the Binance Smart Chain network with a contact address of 0x9DA5d475a090f7127628B18887a330a838C6F8ab. You can review DROID COIN on BSC Scan and information about its contract can be found here.

CoinLaunch detected DROID COIN at 2:00 PM on Tuesday the 7th of September 2021. About 1 hour later our algorithm selected it for listing in the Just Launched section of CoinLaunch.

DROID COIN has received no votes today giving it a total of 514 votes since it was added to CoinLaunch. As DROID COIN has recieved over 500 votes it is a Listed coin on CoinLaunch.

To find out more about DROID COIN you can search Google using the coins Name or Contract Address. For more useful links when researching DROID COIN see the “Research” dropdown on this page. When researching any coin take care to ensure the information you are looking at is related to the Contract Address of the coin you are researching.

Contract scanners can also help to highlight potential issues with coins, try scanning DROID COIN with StaySafu Scanner. When scanning a coin it is always important to do your own research as scanners can miss issues or give false positives.

A chart for DROID COIN and information on Market Cap and warnings about Liquidity are available at Poocoin. To purchases DROID COIN you can enter the contract address on PancakeSwap.

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